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Hello there time traveler and welcome to Vintage Toy Mania! Hop on and enjoy the journey down memory lane!

Our journey began in the 80s...​

2 friends playing

Vintage Toy Mania was created by two friends, Tasos and Dinos.
We started as vintage toy collectors many years ago. We love vintage toys and began collecting our favorite items many years ago. We began selling and exchanging items from our personal collections and decided to begin a commercial activity when we realized the lack of specialized collectors shops in our area. Vintage Toy Mania came as an idea to expand our domestic activities.

from collectors to retailers

our business grew alongside us

We have a deep understanding and outmost respect for the needs of collectors as we share the same hobby, it’s a demanding field and we always try to offer top notch services and items that we would most certainly add in our collections. We are still collecting our favorite toys to expand our personal collections, and we are always happy to communicate with people around the world that share the same passion with us. Instead of following a strict business approach, we prefer a personal involvement in all aspects of our work. We love what we do and sharing our memories and stories with fellow collectors around the world makes us feel satisfied and blessed.

VTM - the largest collectables toy store!

Our Vision - Our Strategy

We want VTM to become the best shopping destination for collectors around the world, expanding our inventory on a daily basis with items of varying prices and rarity. Through our collections showcases, articles, toy reviews and discussions pages, we desire to make our site the one stop a collector should visit to meet people with the same passion and enjoy and share the company of same-minded people.


Tasos Kanellos

Storm Shadow

Dinos Skoumpis

Snake Eyes

Grigiri Mal
(Sinanoth Niaguarath)

D&D Elf enthusiast
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