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Now this is a topic we could lose ourselves talking for hours, a staple of Greek childhood in the 80’s, many loved them, some hated them, everybody knew about them! A work in progress the reproduction of these little troublemakers in metal will relive the craze of the 80’s, imagination and creative play as children transmuted to conversation pieces and stress relieving instruments as adults. The figure line will include all original sculpts in metal colors with shoulder swivel action as the originals did. Beware, you will instantly be hooked on them!
Greek Battle Beasts (GBB), were released in Greece during the late 80´s and/or early 90´s and they were distributed by EL GRECO as part of a sub series of the Exogini line. Only the first 28 (Series 1) Battle Beasts have been available as monotone colored GBB in a wide variety of colors.


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